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Worksnaps has been a great way for us to keep track of hours for our contractors based internationally. We have also found the Worksnaps team to be very responsive to our requests...highly recommend them!

Braden Yuill, Founder, Virtual Coworker
What our customers say about us | Virtual Coworker

After a long time of searching and comparing, I decided on worksnaps and have never had reason to look back. I manage a team of software developers working offshore and having worksnaps monitoring has made them put their act together and increase productivity. The popups that come up seem to get them back in focus. When I had questions at the start, the support was excellent with prompt and helpful responses. The few features I thought was lacking in the software was added into it a few days after I asked about them! How cool is that? I've got only positive things to say about it now. I also love the price, a rare place where I got the best in the market, but at a comparatively low price. Thanks Worksnaps - keep up the good work.

Maurice Karunaratne, Director, Shalom Software and Website Designers Melbourne
What our customers say about us | Shalom Software and Website Designers Melbourne

We are using Worksnaps to track time for our contractors for a long time now. This service became an essential part of our organization. It helps our workers to be more productive, and it helps managers to get an exact picture of what's going on in the project.

Igor Bobriakov, CTO, Java Digital
What our customers say about us | Java Digital

Tracking users' hours by periodic screenshots and optionally webcam captures are invaluable. The ability to produce invoices and have workers hours sent to me by email each day also adds value.

Daniel Offer, Managing Director, Athena IT Limited
Creator of Chit Chat for Facebook and Facebook Cover Maker

New Zealand Computing Solutions manage a team of programmers that all work remotely and at different times and we have found that Worksnaps has been invaluable for keeping track of time and how everyone is doing. While we do not heavily look at the screen shots it is useful with new developers to check they are going down the right path so we can get them on track if their understanding of the job appears to be clearly different from what we require.
Worksnaps also provides a measure of security for us as we can prove to a client how long a job took to avoid any disputes.

Greg Nixon, Director, Software Architect and Systems Engineer
New Zealand Computing Solutions
What our customers say about us | Mindcroft

We have been using Worksnaps for more than one and a half years. We have a team of more than 10 people. Worksnaps has helped improving our team's productivity and accountability by seeing what tasks each team member is working on. They constantly enhance the features of the product. Their customer support is also excellent. When we have issues or questions, they are always helpful and provide solutions in a prompt manner. We would definitely recommend Worksnaps to any firms that employ remote workforce.

Chris Fah, Co-founder, InvisionNet
Internet Marketing Agency
What our customers say about us | Mindcroft

What we are really looking for is a tool to help us see where time is spent and make sure that the time is spent wisely. We looked at a few time tracking solutions but found that Worksnaps is the only tool that gives us immediate visibility into what our guys are working on. With Worksnaps, you can look at developers' screenshots as he is working. That information is valuable for our agile development process.

Alex Berezovskiy, CEO, Leto

I can't say enough about Worksnaps and their customer support. At one point I had 60 workers in the Philippines and I am located in the United States. Having a way to monitor what they were doing online and charging me for was critical. My outside service costs went down immediately as soon as my workers started logging their time in Worksnaps. Some had been padding their payroll. Another great help is that I can look to see snapshots of what the workers are doing, monitor their minute by minute clicks and keystrokes, and find and weed out those who were chatting on Facebook and playing games and charging me for their time not working.
Worksnaps customer support is excellent and my needs are taken care of immediately. A few months back I had a problem with some workers using game clicking programs to fool the program into thinking they were working. After I noticed there was a problem, Worksnaps programmers designed a tool that monitors and catches the use of those cheating programs, once again saving me money.
I am very particular in the products I use and give praise to. Worksnaps gets an A+ from me.

Joan Wardzala, Owner, Wardzala Mart LLC
What our customers say about us | Joan Wardzala.

At Sport Ngin, we employ over 40 part-time remote Statisticians across several states to work on collecting game results, statistics and highlights for our clients. We need a way to understand whether the Statisticians are producting or not producing and tally the work hours they put in. Worksnaps has been an absolute godsend to my workflow. Putting together hours for payroll used to take me an entire morning every other week and now usually takes 30 minutes or less. Our team works better together knowing that their co-workers are being held accountable and nobody is allowed to be dead weight. Worksnaps actually provided some functionality that I didn't even know at the time I started looking, and I look foward to their continuous enhancements in the product.

Jake Lunemann, National Media Manager, Sport Ngin
What our customers say about us | Fusion HQ

While planning our new software house we came across following challenges -- (1) Measure accurately time spent on each project and avoid any overbilling. (2) Ensure that engineer working on a client's server actually followed prescribed procedure. (3) Identify weak areas of skill requiring training.
We tried a few solutions and finally started using Worksnaps. Our experience with client software and manager interface is smooth. It is a sure bet for increasing productivity and ensuring quality.

Lubna Kamran, CEO, Agile solutions Pakistan
What our customers say about us | Agile Solutions PK

As a leading international diamond jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler, specializing in online sales with 3 offices around the globe, we needed a platform to help us manage our outsourced and in-house programmers and designers. Worksnaps has enabled us to do just that and thanks to Worksnaps, we have saved time as well as money.

Eli Lew, E-Commerce Manager, CaratsDirect2U.com, A trusted online diamond jeweler
What our customers say about us | from CaratsDirect2U.

We've been using Worksnaps for quite some time now and we are delighted with the program. We chose to implement it as a replacement to our own self-built system and the API allowed us to integrate with our legacy systems. I'm happy to say that the support team has always been quick to respond and work with us when necessary.
It was a delight to come across a package which allows us to responsibly monitor and manage our employees without spying on them and the comprehensive privacy settings were the main deciding factor when choosing Worksnaps over its rivals.

Richard Marmalade, Director, Mindcroft
Virtual employees + Outsourcing in Sri Lanka
What our customers say about us | Mindcroft

I am not good in English. Just one word "Awesome!"

Pitipong Guntawong, Chief Executive Programmer, FushionHQ
What our customers say about us | Fusion HQ

WorkSnaps is a complete time tracking solution which doesn't only track time for employee but also offer detailed report, screenshots taking, hour based scheduling as well as range of integration. Another important feature is its ability of Roles, Permissions, and Organising. Which is critical for large teams. Although offering so many features, it still offers lightweight client which won't require so many resources.

Manish Patel, Pandia.com
What our customers say about us, from Pandia.com.

In my experience I find the program simple yet very effective to use. I like fact that you can track numerous positions, create different teams and provide access to people with differnt levels of access. The ability to sight everything you need in a simple format is very effective as well as the opportunity to review further with the screen grabs. The customer service team are also very repsonsive and of great asisstance. So overall I really like it!

Andrea Mayer, Froothie.com
What our customers say about us, from Froothie.com.

I started using Worksnaps in 2011 because I wanted to get a better picture of what my outsourcers were actually doing during the day. Immediately I was impressed with their eagerness to listen and implement new ideas and within 2 months the total productivity of my team increased by an estimated 17%, and I was able to identify an employee who was doing approximately half of what he was claiming to get done. If you have virtual employees, then you need Worksnaps!

Jason Katzenback, Owner, AmazonMoneyMachine.com
What our customers say about us, from Amazon Money Machine.

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